Saints Row 4 by Jordan A.

Posted on 30 May 2013 by epaine

The new sequel to the game Saints Row: The Third is being released in August. This new game picks up right from where Saints Row 3 left off. At the end of SR3, you take complete control over the city of Steelport, and you make it a country. Now, in the beginning of Saints Row 4, you are the president of Steelport. Saints Row 4 looks like a great game. It looks like it kept all of the over the top, outlandishness of Saints Row 3. But now, your character has super powers. So far the only powers are freezing, gliding, telekinesis, super speed and the high jump.

The freezing ability is called blast. You shoot a white energy sphere and it explodes on whatever it hits. Everything in the area of the blast is frozen solid. You can then smash all of the frozen objects into pieces. The next ability is gliding. If you jump from the top of a building, you can glide from it. Your character turns purple and rides through the air. Telekinesis is the next ability. It allows you to grab any object from a distance and move it around, or throw it. This ability is useful if you run out of ammunition and there are still enemies to kill. The high jump is one of the more powerful abilities. It lets you jump over buildings, and when you land, it creates a shock wave that destroys everything around you. The final superpower is super speed. It lets you zip through the city at lightning speed. Anything that you touch while you are moving fast is thrown out of your way.

You are also able to customize your weapons. In one of the trailers, it shows the character making a rocket launcher look like a guitar case. The addition to customize your weapons can now further help you make your style for your character.

This new sequel looks like an amazing game. It is set to be released in August.  It looks very interesting, like the game draws your attention and keeps it there. This game could easily be one of the best games of the year. This game is for PC, XBox 360, and PS3. When it comes out in August, you need to get this game.

saints row 4

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